Database purchasing

SJVLS cooperatively purchases access to databases and other online materials based on recommendations of its Electronic Resources Committee. Committee recommendations are normally reviewed at the January Administrative Council meeting when the tentative budget is under discussion. Purchases ultimately approved by Council begin in September or October.

Not every member library subscribes to every database. Participation is listed below. Due to recent budget restrictions, SJVLS has scaled back group database purchases.  Libraries often subscribe to additional resources beyond those provided through the system. Follow the links below to the online resources web page for your SJVLS member library to access both system and locally provided resources.

In addition to the databases listed below, SJVLS subscribes as a group to 3M Cloud Library of downloadable ebooks and LibraryAnywhere mobile interface to ValleyCat.

Participants Chiltons EbscoHost
Coalinga-Huron X X
Fresno County X X
Kern County X X
Kings County X X
Madera County X X
Mariposa County X X
Merced County X X
Porterville Public X X
Tulare County X X
Tulare Public X X

Current Database Trials SJVLS may setup trials of various online services to evaluate their usefulness to the member libraries. Comments about trial databases should be directed to your member libraries.